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Fairy Tail Volume 2

November 30, 2008
Fairy Tail volume 2
by: Hiro Mashima
published by: Del Rey


Beautiful celestial wizard Lucy has teamed up with the crazy fire wizard Natsu and his bizarre flying cat Happy. Their job: to steal a book from the notorious Duke Everlue. But the eccentric Everlue has killed wizards before, and Lucy’s team is walking right into his death trap! (from DelRey)

Ramblings (by which I mean, you should probably read this while reading the volume to know what I’m talking about…):
We first meet up with Lucy and Natsu on their way to that job from the end of the last volume. Lmao, Lucy in a maid costume. Pahaha; “Kaby Melon” really is a crappy name. And a creepy, crazy duke with wacked out tastes. …Only Happy could make a skull look cute. :D Woah, crazy ugly maids are an elite task force! Lol, Lucy likes to read (and SPOILER, loves to write too). Lol, the southern bodyguards are total mama’s boys. Ho snap, a frying pan of doom! Lucy in glasses=win; Duke’s magic=creepy. D:

Lol at Happy and the crab. Lol, giant ugly maid is a celestial spirit. xD ho snap, he chopped off his own arm! Aw. Melon-daddy was thinking of his son the whole time. D: Lol, Natsu knew the whole time that Lucy wants to be an author!

Lol, he said “oui.” lol at Gray and Loke. xD lol. Loke ran away from Lucy, the celestial wizard (SPOILER, Loke is a celestial spirit). Yay, Erza!!! lol, “Natsu’s turned into Happy?” lol, Natsu stripped! And to put his clothes on Lucy! xD

Yay! Gray in clothes is almost hotter than Gray w/o clothes! But lol, Gray’s a wimp when it comes to Erza. Lmao, Erza punched Natsu’s lights out. Gray’s magic is pretty! :D Lol, Lucy’s smart idea (fire/ice hating each other) made Gray upset.

xD omg, “Lucy, you’re covered in soup.” “that’s sweat!!” and “you’re losing too much soup!” “stop calling it soup!”

Holy; They forgot Natsu on the train. xD “hey!! I’m completely normal!!” “An exhibitionist. Normal?” lol, Gray lost his clothes, and Erza’s crazy! lol, Erza pulled Natsu into her armor then bashed his brains in. xD seems Lucy is the brains of the Fairy Tail operation. She always seems to be the one who figures out what the heck is going on. Ho snap, mass murder curse magic! Lmao, “i’d trade my wife to get them back!” lol, Gray is stripping again. xD how the heck does Lucy run in heels, while carrying Natsu?!?

Wow, that’s a grand plan, with the loudspeakers and all…

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