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I think I’m going to get better at making headers now…

December 20, 2008


So…I downloaded Gimp: The GNU Image Manipulation Program (click the above image to get to the site), and it’s basically awesome. My parents won’t buy me Photoshop (and I’m certainly too cheap to get it), so Gimp is freaking perfect. I seriously have been messing around with it for about 45 minutes now, and I love it. I just made a new header (featuring Sakura from Sakura Hime Kaden) for sometime after Christmas…I’m not sure when I’ll use it though, it may be a while. : D

I think I’m going to make a header featuring the characters (or maybe just character) from Mistress Fortune, since the tankoban comes out soon (Christmas Day!!!) and I already have a draft started in honor of the occasion. :3 Ebeko was actually on my first header, but I didn’t really love it…so I think I’ll try again now that I have to means to make a much nicer one. : D

On another note, I really love this series (Mistress Fortune). I’ve never even thought about buying the Japanese version of a series unless my dad’s going to China and stopping in Tokyo on the way (since he can get them in the airport), but I seriously think I might import this one… :3 If anyone has any suggestions on the best way to do that, I’d be seriously grateful. I’m looking at right now, but if there’s a better option, I’m definitely up for it.

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  1. December 20, 2008 11:55 am

    I’m so tempted to download this to try it out, so I can finally point people in the direction of a software when I tell them I use Photoshop…and then they find out that Photoshop isn’t free (at all). Some of those people go onto find Photoshop in various…*ahem* “free” ways, but lots of people don’t want to do that (even if not for moral reasons, there’s a lot of risk with viruses).

    For now I’ll just trust your judgment though. Sounds like something I should recommend from now on~

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing how the banners you make turn out!

    • kelakagandy permalink*
      December 20, 2008 6:02 pm

      I think it’s great. I’ve used the most recent version of Photoshop at school on my newspaper staff, and while Gimp isn’t completely compareable, it is definitely a great alternative.

      ahaha! Thanks~! :]

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