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December 27, 2008

So, I updated my header today, and I LOVE it! It’s young Kisaki and Ebeko from Mistress Fortune. I’m a little mad at the font, because for some reason it’s kind of fuzzy, and the star looks a little weird cuz I didn’t do that great of a job of cutting it out of the original image. Other than that though, I love this header. It doesn’t really match the color scheme of the blog theme, but I like the layout of the theme, so I think it’s what I’m going to stick with, even if the colors are ugly. :/

Also, as you may be able to tell from the new header, I’ve decided to stick with the name from my old LJ blog, “kelakagandy’s ramblings”.  I’ve been using the word ramblings in my posts for a while anyway, so I figure it’s the best fit. :3

I’m going to be doing a post of all the stuff I got for Christmas in the near future, so I guess be expecting that. : D

A note, I decided to use pink for the text in my Mistress Fortune tankoban post, and for some reason every post I’ve made up til now is now pink (other than the one about Gimp, since I used blue for that). This post seems to still be black, and hopefully it will stay that way…sorry about the pink, I know it’s pain inducing on the eyes…. :/ Ok, I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed that. If you still find an entry that’s pink (other than the Mistress Fortune one, that one’s pink on purpose), let me know and I’ll fix it too. : D

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