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Christmas Presents

January 1, 2009
I meant to do this a lot earlier, but life and other things got in the way (like me not being able to find my camera cord… xD ). Anyway, here it is, a list/pictures of what I got for Christmas (mostly the anime/manga related things, and a few others) and my thoughts on them.
Fruits Basket volume 4 and Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition volume 3
Fruits Basket volume 4 and Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition volume 3

My dad apparently didn’t realize that the Ultimate Editions are 2 volumes in each (so I technically already had volume 4), but hey he was trying to be nice, so whatever. : ] I don’t particularly love this series, but I like it enough that the 2-in-1 Ultimate Editions were enough for me to start buying them (especially since they’re only like $11 on Amazon and we have Amazon Prime so we get free shipping). I’m rather mad, since it looks like Tokyopop has stopped making them, which means I have to now shell out $10 for each volume. :/ (On another note, I’m also mad that they’ve delayed their releases of the Trinity Blood novels, though I’m pretty sure they’ve not dropped them completely)

Fullmetal Alchemist volumes 3 & 4
Fullmetal Alchemist volumes 3 & 4

 I really do love Fullmetal Alchemist. I’m sure that’s kind of a shocker for most people, since everything I love is basically shojo, but I do love me some shonen (I actually keep up with the Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, and FMA manga regularly). If you read the FMA manga and haven’t read the most recent chapters, do it right now!! Let’s just say, some shit is hittin’ the fan. But in a good way. : D Add that to the fact that in April a new FMA anime is going to air, I figured I should flush out my FMA manga collection (since I only had 1 & 2).  

Fairy Cube volume 3 and Captive Hearts volume 1
Fairy Cube volume 3 and Captive Hearts volume 1

 I didn’t actually get these for Christmas, but I bought them the day after Christmas (thank God for relatives that give me money!).

I finally bought the last volume of Fairy Cube! :D I really love this series. It’s not quite as dark and somber as Kaori Yuki’s other series that I’ve read, but it still has her beautiful artwork.

I also bought Matsuri Hino’s Captive Hearts volume 1, and I’m really glad I did. I think I like it more than Vampire Knight! It’s not at all like VK, other than the art.

Vampire Knight volumes 2 & 5
Vampire Knight volumes 2 & 5

Speaking of VK…

I didn’t actually get these for Christmas either (I got 2 like a week before and 5 today), but it was during Christmas break, so I figure it counts. :3 Even though I’m seriously pissed with VK right now (based on the most recent Japanese chapter), I still plan on buying the series because I do like it overall. :/ Now I only need to buy volumes 1 & 3 to have all the current English releases.

It was seriously fun reading the side bars (I think they’re my favorite part of buying official releases) in volume 5 about Hino’s trip to America with Viz. : D

The Art of Full Moon
The Art of Full Moon
I just love Arina Tanememura (which if you look though my blog, you’ll figure out pretty darn quick xD ), so the obvious thing to ask for for Christmas (since I have all her English releases to date but KKJ and SDC 8 (which I’m getting from a friend later) ) was the Full Moon artbook!!! I can’t tell you how much I adore this book!!! I love looking at Tanemura’s gorgeous art, but I also loved reading her comments on the art. Like how she was saying she always makes the branches of cherry blossoms dark pink and never brown, which I noticed in all the SHK images. She was also talking about how all her first color images were of the heroine surrounded by fish, which she does again in one of the SHK images. 
Guardian of the Spirit
Dragon Sword and Wind Child, Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

 I’ve recently gotten in to the Moribito anime on Adult Swim and once I found out it was based on a book (that’s part of a series actually) that was recently released in English, I had to have it. I think I read it in like 5 hours, but I enjoyed every minute. It’s definitely different from the anime so far (I’ve only seen up to episode 10), but they’re both great in their own ways.

I haven’t gotten to read more than a few pages of Dragon Sword and Wind Child, but it seems to be even more epic that Moribito, so I’m super excited about finishing it!

Melting Stones
Melting Stones

I have a love affair with Tamora Pierce’s works. I just can’t get enough of them! I know they’re for like 10-15 year olds, but they’re still great!!! I’ve read almost everything she’s ever written (save for like one book, since I can’t find it anywhere), and I don’t think I’ve hated a single one. If you’re into fantasy with strong female (and the occasional male) leads, you should definitely check out Tamora Pierce!

Twilight Movie Companion
Twilight Complete Illustrated Movie Companion

 Yes, I love Twilight too, but no I am NOT one of those crazy fangirls. I do prefer Edward/Bella, but I’m not going to go out and slam people who don’t, because that’s just plain rude. I was sooooo excited about the movie, you just have no idea. : D I went and saw it with some friends the first day it came out (we pre-bought tickets and went to an early show to make sure we had seats). No matter what the reviews said, I thought it was a really good adaptation of the book. And coming from me, that’s saying something. I tend to HATE  movies that are made from books I’ve read (I think the only exceptions are Lord of the Rings and Twilight so far).

Tsubasa Chronicle volume 8 and The Tenth Kingdom

Tsubasa Chronicle volume 8 and The Tenth Kingdom

 I love Tsubasa too! I definitely prefer the manga to the anime, but I won the whole first season and the first disc of the second season, so I figured I’d ask for more of it for Christmas. I have to say, I couldn’t watch it in English. :/ I love the person who does Mokona, but other than that the voices made me want to shoot myself. I guess since I watched it all in Japanese,  was just used to those voices, but I’ve been able to switch on other series…

I found The Tenth Kingdom (this older mini-series that I loved when it was on TV) for like 6 bucks on Amazon, so I asked my parents for it for Christmas. I’ve already watched all 10 hours of it again, and I loved it just as much this time as last time. Yes, some of the effects were cheesy, but it’s actually aged pretty well. : D I definitely reccomend it to anyone who loves a good fantasy based upon the Grimm Fairy Tales. 

Ninjatown and Spore Creatures
Ninjatown and Spore Creatures

Yay! I got Ninjatown and Spore Creatures for my DS! I was rather surprised…I really wanted Spore Creatures, but I’ve found that I like Ninjatown a whole lot more. xD I absolutely love Ninjatown. It’s sooooo much fun and it’s really addicting! : D I like Spore Creatures, but it’s just not as much fun as I expected it to be. : [

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