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Mini Rant

January 10, 2009

Hello Kitty Postal Stamps          I’m a little bit peeved with the way my school’s post office/mail room works. It is apparently not open at all on Saturday, where I thought it was open until 12. Had they been open, I’m 99% sure I would be sitting here right now with my copies of Mistress Fortune and The Gentlemen’s Alliance 11 Special Edition, since my tracking number says they are at my local post office. :/ But because the mail room isn’t open on Saturday (and I know not Sunday either, since mail doesn’t come on Sundays), I now have to wait until Monday morning, knowing that it will be sitting in the post office all weekend. :[
          Hope you enjoyed looking at the pretty Hello Kitty and Genji Monogatari stamps I found on the Japanese mail website. (the Genji Monogatari ones aren’t from the upcoming anime Genji Monogatari Senneki, but from the famous Genji Monogatari E-maki or handscrolls)
          On another random note, I think I used the most tags ever on this post; I just kind of sat here and thought of words I could use… xD 
Tale of Genji Postal Stamps

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  1. January 10, 2009 6:47 pm

    mini rant is

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