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lulz ~ A real life post

January 28, 2009

lulz. So, I go to school in Indiana, which right now means that we got crazy amounts of snow in the past few days. :] It’s a school tradition for there to be a snowball fight at midnight the first night there’s enough snow to have one, which happened to be last night/this morning. : D And I got a war wound!!! One of my best friends accidentally hit me in the face, and since the snow was basically all snow, it scratched my face. xD She feels super bad, but I just think it’s hilarious!!!

Yes that is my eye; but check the war wound! : D
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  1. Tsuki-no-Hikari permalink
    January 29, 2009 6:19 pm

    Snow! And I didn’t know you were in IN. I am here as well and my goodness, the snow is so magical. It’s sparkling and looks so beautiful. We have a huge field in the campus and since it’s so big, no one goes there when it snows and it’s perfect there. There are no marks on the snow, no dirt, or footprints etc. It just all white and glittering.

    I’m sorry about your eye, though it’s good that you enjoyed the snowball fight (and I love the color of your eyes). ^_^

    • January 29, 2009 8:29 pm

      I’m from Kentucky, but I go to school in Indiana. : ]
      Our snow is all weird looking because we smushed it all during the snowball fight, and then it snowed again so there are dips and stuff in it. xD

      Well, my eye didn’t actually get hit, so it’s all good (And thanks!!!). : D

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