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Lol, oops.

February 12, 2009

Fushigi Yûgi [VIZBIG Edition] Volume 1Captive Hearts Volume 2

Apparently my package containing Captive Hearts volume 1 and Fushigi Yûgi [VIZBIG Edition] volume 1 came today, but I didn’t check my mail, so I didn’t know. xD That’s probably a good thing though, since I would have been reading it instead of doing my homework, which is honestly more important (lol, what am I talking about, I’m blogging instead of writing a paper right now xD ). I’ll just go pick them up tomorrow after class; So I think I will posting a review of Captive Hearts volume 1 tomorrow afternoon so that I can post a review of volume 2 after that sometime this weekend. :] FY review sometime this weekend too. By the way, I’m super excited about it!!! I love Watase, but never got into reading FY, since it’s 18 volumes long, but with VIZBIG editions, it’s only going to be 6 volumes and each one is only $14 on!!!!! This has to be one of the best ideas Viz has had in a long time!!!!

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