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[Valentine’s Day Special] My Top 12 Pairings!

February 14, 2009

A while back, warriorhope challenged her fellow bloggers to take part in her Valentine’s Day project (that is, to post a blog every day leading up to and including Valentine’s Day about a different favorite pairing). I wasn’t too sure I could do that, so instead, I’ve decided to post only today with a few small ramblings about my top so-many pairings. Somehow I still ended up with 12 pairings, lol.  They’re in no particular order, just wrote them down as I though of them.

If you follow my blog at all, I’m sure you can figure out some of them already, but have fun reading them all the same. : D

I kinda got bored while editing the pictures, so some of them are just cropped and nothing special. I went a little overboard on the effects on the ones I did do though, so beware of some crazily edited images~! xD

Syaoran/Sakura : Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
I just love both these series! I’m not sure how you couldn’t though!  This has to be if not the sweetest pairing in anime/manga-dom, in the very top of them.

Kiri/Narumi : Beauty Pop
I adore Beauty Pop. I read the preview in Shojo Beat (of which I’m kind of an avid fangirl, in case you didn’t know), and decided to get the first volume. I pretty much shipped this from the moment I saw both the characters. She balances out his anger, and he balances out her blasé attitude.

Amu/Ikuto : Shugo Chara!
I guess this isn’t really a typical Amuto image, but I thought it showed how much Amu cares about Ikuto, seriously she’s trying her hardest to save him! I love the teasing relationship they have, it’s just adorable. I know he’s like 5-6 years older than her, but as long as he keeps his hands mostly off until she’s older, not a problem.

Kisaki/Giniro : Mistress Fortune
I know some people would argue that I couldn’t really love this pairing, since the series was only 3 chapters, but Giniro and Kisaki are both just so adorable, and they quite obviously belong together! She was willing to sacrifice her happiness to go to America for the sake of his mother, and he followed her there~~~!

Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye : Fullmetal Alchemist
I don’t think anyone could argue that there is at least an incredibly strong friendship between these two. I would like to say more than that, but who knows. I’m pretty sure that they’re friends with benefits, fucking, what-have-you more than that though. She’s always right there beside him, no matter how dumb he may be acting, and he’s always, if not obviously, watching out for her. There’s just so much chemistry between the two of them, I love it~~!

Relena/Heero : Gundam Wing
lol. Going old school here. xD I love Heero/Relena. She melted his cold shell, and he always protects her. It’s obvious by the end of the series (ie, Endless Waltz), that Heero genuinely cares for her, and she’s gotten over the fangirling stage to loving him for who he is. Plus, in Blind Target, which was a radio drama so it’s basically canon, Heero kisses Relena. :]

Zero/Yuki : Vampire Knight
Yeah. I’m just going to say it, I hate Kaname. I really can’t stand him, and I’m not really sure why; I just never have. With the parallels between Yuki and Juri, Zero and Kaien Cross, and Haruka and Kaname, I really hope that Yuki picks Zero over Kaname, unlike how Juri picked Haruka over Kaien.

Kyoko/Sakataki : Time Stranger Kyoko
I love Time Stranger Kyoko. I know it’s like Arina’s most flawed work and it’s the shortest of her more than one volume series, but I really do love it! And I love how important Sakataki is to Kyoko, and him to her. Like Giniro, Sakataki  follows Kyoko when she vanishes (though Kyoko didn’t do it on purpose), and it shows his true love for her. Especially since he’s the first one to remember Kyoko after their minds had been wiped of memories of her.

Doujo/Kasahara : Library Wars/Toshokan Sensou
If you haven’t watched Toshosen, get on it! : D It’s not really shojo, but the original novel is by a woman, which means, similar to FMA, there is more romance than the normal shonen series. :3 On another note, if you’re interested in the Toshosen novel, there’s a translation project over on LJ.

Haruhi/Tamaki : Ouran High School Host Club
Random spazzing, but I’m sooo glad both Tamaki and Haruhi have admitted they have feeling for the other…even if they haven’t said it to anyone but theirselves…

Sakura/Sasuke : Naruto
I know, I know. Probably never going to happen, but have you noticed that pretty much all my other pairings are canon? Yeah, I have a tendency to pick canon pairings. The biggest exception being Zutara (Zuko/Katara) from Avatar…that didn’t happen… :[
Anyway, back to SasuSaku. I love this pairing…I really don’t know what else to say about it…I’m just a true fangirl, in the sense that I can’t give you a reason, I just like it! I’m not going to bitch if you don’t like it though… :]

Takuto/Mitsuki : Full Moon o Sagashite
I don’t really like Eichi…yeah, just had to put that out there. I might have liked him more if he weren’t dead, and therefor had more screentime, but that’s not how it is, so…he was just kind of annoyingly perfect…
Takuto on the other hand, is a spaz, has anger managment issues, and just in general makes me happy. xD I do like Meroko/Izumi, but Mitsuki/Takuto is my OTP from Full Moon

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    Royai!! ROYAI!!!

    Im so glad you didnt put pictures of Edward and Winry…I dont like that pairing lol.


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