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Captive Hearts Volume 2

February 17, 2009

Captive Hearts volume 2
by: Matsuri Hino
published by: Viz Media
Captive Hearts Volume 2
Megumi decides he wants to become a formal servant of the Kogami family so he can be worthy of Suzuka’s love. But when wealthy heir Hiryu arrives to claim Suzuka as his bride, can Megumi even compete? (from Viz)

So, I was comparing the covers of the first and second volumes of this series, and I realized that Suzuka’s eye’s have changed color… Megumi’s are basically the same, but Suzuka’s are drastically different… lol.

I really kind of like that this series is written mostly from the guys point of view. It makes things interesting. :]

Woah. Oedipus Complex is definitely not a term that should just be thown out there. That caused some serious lulz.

Megumi looks good in a suit. :3

“I won’t give her up to someone who won’t make her happy.” Bah! I wish a guy would say this about me!!! D:

It’s interesting to have another (male) character who is of the Kogami bloodline that Megumi has to obey…

And there were some serious lulz at the “That’s what she said.” inclusion, which is obviously a little bit of a fudge on the translators part, but very much appreciated! xD

I still absolutely LOVE Megumi’s dad~~~! He’s my favorite character in the whole series! : D His antics are just so amusing, it’s impossible for me to not like him!

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