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St. ♥ Dragon Girl Volume 1

February 22, 2009

St. ♥ Dragon Girl volume 1
by: Natsume Matsumoto
published by: Viz Media
St. ♥ Dragon Girl Volume 1
A demon serpent king who appears once every hundred years to select a bride has abducted Momoka’s friend Shunran. Will Momoka and Ryuga be able to defeat the demon before Shunran is lost forever? (from Viz)

I figured my blog needed a little something new to mix it up from the normal Arina Tanemura, Matsuri Hino, and Shugo Chara!. xD I read the preview of this in Shojo Beat a while back and, though expecting to not really enjoy it, actually enjoyed it a lot; I was in Barnes and Noble today and saw it, so I decided now was a good time to start getting the series, since only the first volume is out (though for some reason Amazon has volume 2 available…).

One of the first things you notice when reading this is the really dated art. We’re talking Sailor Moon “chins you could slice things on” 90s shojo art. Ok, I made that seem like worse than it really is. While it is really different from the stuff now (though all artists have their own style of course, there are general trends), it’s not like it’s bad to look at. It was really nostalgic of Sailor Moon for me (seriously there was one time I though the main male, Ryuga, was Mamoru from SM), so that kind of made me happy. xD

So…whoever worked on the back of this book did a fantastic job. It looks amazing! It looks like whoever the graphic designer was for this volume really took their time to make it look good and fit the series, and I love it! And I just noticed that the title art has little dragon scales!! That’s so cute! Viz really tried their best on this title! I hope they continue doing things like this!

So…on the cover our heroine, Momoka looks like she has a serious rack, but in chapter one it’s said she’s only an A-cup. xD And the only way I noticed this? The author talks in the sidebars. xD Matsumoto-sensei talks about it in the second sidebar, so I looked and sure enough, it’s very true, which just makes me laugh.

Moving on to the story, I really like it. Yeah, it’s cliche, but what isn’t nowadays? I can’t complain; I love cliche, if I’m going to be truthful. :3 I thought it was interesting that Momoka was able to sort-of confess to Ryuga in this volume, but then played it off like she was kidding. Not original, but hey, it works for the characters.

I really like Momoka. Like, a lot. She’s not a pansy, and she kicks literal ass. Her panda obsession is a little much though. xD

I really hope this series does well, so Viz licenses the sequel. They mention it in the “about the author” section at the end of the book, but as of right now they haven’t announced a license for it. They may just be waiting to be closer to having released the original though…I’m really curious about the authors other works now too. It looks like most of her series are only 1-2 volumes, other than this one and it’s sequel. Her newest work, Yumeiro Pâtissière is still running with at least 2 volumes though.

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  1. warriorhope permalink
    February 23, 2009 4:58 pm

    It”s really cute.

    You’re right the art style is SMesque.

    I don’t mind the clicheness either. Momoka is awesome. Kickassness is good in a girl.

  2. February 23, 2009 7:21 pm

    Kickassness is definitely a plus! Probably why I love Sakura-hime so much already! : D

  3. February 24, 2009 8:01 pm

    You know, I’ve seriously never heard of this series before. =O But the premise does sound promising, so maybe I’ll check it out.

    Interesting new layout, btw. =D

    • February 24, 2009 8:25 pm

      It’s an interesting series, and I’m really glad I finally bought the first volume, so now I can get the rest of the series as it comes out. : D

      lol. I like this layout a lot more; it’s more streamlined and I like the colors a lot more. I think you happened upon it after I changed it, but before I made a header for it. xD

  4. March 1, 2009 10:39 am

    lol, I see the header now! Hehe, I approve of pandas. <3

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