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Going a little old school with: Legend of Chun Hyang [oneshot] – BEDA Day 8

April 8, 2009

I wish CLAMP would go back and finish works like this…don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike their new works, I just want endings to the rest of their manga… (unfinished CLAMP works: Legend of Chun Hyang [sometimes said to be complete], Clover, Legal Drug, and X [called X/1999 in the USA]). Apparently Legal Drug is supposed to be picked up sometime soon, but who knows. I want Clover to be finished too…especially since Dark Horse is publishing an omnibus of all 4 current volumes (it’s been pushed from this month to this June though).

Legend of Chun HyangLegend of Chun Hyang [oneshot]
published by: Tokyopop
summary: In an era when rulers controlled the masses with oppression and fear, one young woman would stand against the tyranny and inspire a nation. The Legend of Chun Hyang is one of Korea’s most enduring folktales, and now you can read about her adventures as they’ve never been seen before–as manga! When CLAMP (Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura) puts their unique spin on the legend, anything can happen. Filled with martial-arts action, romance and adventure, The Legend of Chun Hyang is a gem from Japan’s premier creative team. (from Tokyopop)

Ramblings: Definitely one of CLAMP’s older works, this is still one of my personal favorites; I’ve read it many a time (helped by the fact that it’s only 1 volume). It was first published in the US by Tokyopop almost 5 years ago, and you can really see the difference between Tokyopop’s work then and now. This is actually really well done. The text, cleaning, and pretty much everything were actually done really well. I can’t say much about the translation, since I’ve never read the Japanese version.

Being one of CLAMP’s early works, this is on the dark and detailed side, as opposed to newer works like Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC, which have much more pared down, though still gorgeous, art. For all that the art’s a little…I don’t want to say sketchy, but I can’t think of any other way to put it, it’s not at all difficult to follow the story. The only thing I don’t really like it the layout sometimes; it can get a little cluttered. It’s still not hard to follow, but there are places where there are 8-9 panels on one page, which can get a little bit on the confusing side.

Chun Hyang (Chu’Nyan in the Del Rey version of Tsubasa) is one of the best heroines ever. Every time I read this, I feel the need to find the original Korean folk story it’s based on (though in all those times, I still haven’t done that, lol). Definitely a girl to look up to; if this weren’t Josei manga, I’d suggest it to younger girls.

I think this is still in print, though you’ll be much more likely to find it online than in a bookstore. If you do find a copy somewhere, get it; It’s well worth it. I don’t care if you’re a CLAMP fan or not, you’ll like it. :]

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  1. April 9, 2009 10:37 pm



    … |3

    Haha, I remember I bought this when I was still in…high school? Oh dear, that seems soo long ago. *feels old* aha~ |D;

    But aww man! I immediately saw the pretty girl on the cover and said “Eh? That looks like Clamp’s artwork!” and after skimming it for 10 seconds, went ahead and bought it…and then went back home and read it over for a 100 times. lawl~ This one-shot was so guud! x3

    Ah, I think I’m actually one of the few (if any) people who just like this one-shot as it is. The “MOAR!” feeling kinda died down since it’s been so long but I won’t say no if CLAMP decides to pick it up again. ;D
    Doubt it, though. Not really sure what caused them to stop this one but if they do go back to continue it, they’d have to get use to their old style again which I like much more than their TRC and xxxHolic art *shot*. Hmm, dunno. It’s really up to them (but I want X to be finished already, dammit! D:<)

    Well, anyways…yes~ Chun Hyang is such a friggin’ awesome heroine! xDDDD
    God, why can’t other lead girls be more like her…ah, but then again, that wouldn’t be fun. We’d have no one to compare to our Chun Hyang, then, wouldn’t we?
    Hehe, but I was very thrilled with CLAMP’s twist to the folktale. I always like seeing a timid, yet strong-willed woman figure be turned into kickass, loud-mouthed teenage girl. It’s just…hehe, cool. 8D

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