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BEDA Day 11 – Pita-Ten (Light Novel) Volume 1

April 11, 2009

Oh, how I love me some light novels. :3

Anyways, when I heard Seven Seas was going to be publishing the Pita-Ten light novels, I jumped on them like…I don’t know…a fanbrat on her favorite character at a con? xD

Anyways. I did indeed get the first two volumes, and am now devastated that Seven Seas put the light novel line on indefinite hiatus (aka, they cancelled it). D’:

pitaten_vol1_fullPita-Ten (light novel) volume 1
by: Yukari Ochiai (based on Koge Donbo’s original work)
published by: Seven Seas Entertainment
summary: Higuchi Kotarou is just a normal sixth grader—until an insanely perky angel named Misha moves in next door! Misha makes it her life’s work to make Kotarou happy so she can pass her angel exams. In the meantime, Kotarou also has to cope with Misha’s freaky roommates: a kind-hearted demon and her mysterious black cat. (from Seven Seas)


These are just adorable! : D Seriously, they’re tiny, compact and perfect for a short read. Seven Sea apparently publishes their light novels in the same size as their Japanese counterparts, and it works really well.

There are fantastic color pages in the front of the volume (most of the images are in the Pita-Ten artbook (from Tokyopop) as well, but it’s nice to see them here, and to finally know where those random extra characters in the artbook came from). Seven Seas did an utterly fantastic job with the overall volume, and I really wish they had put out the third and final volume in the series. D:

The writer, Yukari Ochiai does a fantastic job with Koge-Donbo’s characters, and I would gladly read something else she’s written to see how she fares with other characters, whether they would be her own or someone else’s. The only thing I should mention is that the novels pretty much assume that you’ve read the manga/seen the anime and know what is going on, even though this first novel is sort of a prequel to the series.

Seven Seas adds translation notes in the back of the novel, and marks everything they do have a note about with a superscripted number, so you can easily find the reference in the back. They also italicize Japanese words, which I personally find a little annoying, but I know it’s a common practice.

As for the contents of the novel, there are a few different stories: a Prologue, How to Make Friends, How to Laugh it Up in Heaven, How to Meet People in the Human World, How to Defeat Your Rivals, and an Epilogue. I’ll go through and talk a little about each one, hopefully not giving too much away though. :]

This is a really cute little 6-page intro to the rest of the stories in the volume; all the stories are interconnected based upon the last few sentences of the intro. The novel is basically a frame-story, in the epilogue, the gang is having a picnic and all decide to take a nap (due to Misha’s terrible cooking), and the stories that follow are all memories of the past, told as if the gang was dreaming.

How to Make Friends
This is an adorable story of how Kotarou, Ten-chan, and Koboshi all first met. It was definitely my favorite of the stories.

How to Laugh it Up in Heaven
This story is actually a little bit depressing, and has more of the tone that the manga had near the end of the story as opposed to the beginning. It’s the story of Misha before she met Kotarou, but after Kotaro (you’ll not really get that if you’ve not read the manga). Misha’s sister Sasha is worried about Misha, since she keeps failing the angel examination. Misha is given one last chance by the Archangel, and this is that story.

How to Meet People in the Human World
This is Shia’s story before the events of the manga, but after the events that are shown as a prequel to the manga in the manga (again, that’s probably fairly confusing if you’ve not read the manga). I love Shia, so I really enjoyed this story. :]

Hot to Defeat Your Rivals
Again, a story taking place before the manga, this one has to do with Hiroshi Mitarai (Dai-chan/Poops) and his sister Kaoru. Dai-chan is trying to beat Ten-chan, who of course knows nothing about him at this time in the story, which makes for a very fun and random story fitting with both Dai-chan and Kaoru.

A cute 7-page exit to the story that again tied it all together.

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