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BEDA Day 12 – Pita-Ten (Light Novel) Volume 2

April 12, 2009

The second (and until Seven Seas gets off it’s ass and publishes volume 3, it’s the last) of the Pita-Ten light novels is just as fun, if not more so than the first volume.

pitaten_vol2_fullPita-Ten (light novel) volume 2
by: Yukari Ochiai
published by: Seven Seas Entertainment
summary: During autumn break, while Hiroshi is being dragged about and ordered around by his childhood friend Aoi, the Pita-Ten crew encounters two strange visitors from the Demon World—Kasumi and her ferret, Fia!

Featuring cute new characters exclusively for this novel, experience the further adventures of Pita-Ten’s lovable cast in this fun-filled second volume. (from Seven Seas)


In this volume we actually get some new characters added to Koge-Donbo’s cast of adorable characters, which makes for a more interesting time.

Again, Seven Seas really did do a fantastic job with this novel, which makes me even more depressed that they’re not going to publish the last one. D’: The translation seems to be spot-on, the layout is fantastic, I don’t remember any typos, and I really don’t think there’s anything bad I can say about the novel. I wish more people had bought the Seven Seas novels, as I would like to have gotten more from them.

Again, color inserts at the beginning, which make a nice addition. This volume is laid out the same way as the first one, with different stories, each with their own chapters, however since these are all directly interconnected and not just related, I’ll go ahead and just talk about them as one novel and not parts.

In this volume, the gang is off to one of Dai-chan’s many houses to have a study vacation (seriously, parents in Japan let their kids do these kinds of things? My parents still get mad when I’m out past 2 in the morning and I’m almost 19). While there, they meet up with one of Dai-chan’s childhood friends (I use the term childhood lightly, since he’s still only in 6th grade). Unbenownst to her, she’s being looked after and cursed by a demon who seems to know Shia in some way.

Again, this novel was well done, and should Seven Seas ever decide to take their light novel off hiatus, I will immediately get more of their publications; I just don’t really want to now, since I don’t like to get into something that I know I won’t be able to finish.

If you’re up for something you know you can’t finish and like Pita-Ten, these are definitely worth a go. Honestly, both volumes so far have been self-contained, so you’re not really missing anything by not having volume 3, it’s just annoying to not be able to have the last volume. I’m not sure if that’s the same for other Seven Seas light novels, since these are the only ones I have bought (and it took a lot to find volume 1, let me tell you), but for these, you’d probably be ok with just the second one of just the first one as long as you’ve read the manga.

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