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BEDA Day 14 – FLCL [light novel] volume 1

April 14, 2009

yay! More light novels! : D

Running at only 122 pages, I almost didn’t but this, since the 9.99 didn’t quite seem worth it; but I really like both FLCL and light novels, so I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and bought it.

flcl light novel 1FLCL [light novel] volume 1
by: Yoki Enokido
published by: Tokyopop
summary: Naota’s life is not simple. He lives with his eccentric father and grandfather in a city distinguished by a gigantic hand-iron shaped factory perched on a hill. His brother’s ex-girlfriend makes passes at him. And to top it all off, an impish, playful alien has run him over with her Vespa and smacked him in the head with a bass guitar! Little does he know that this is only the beginning of his involvement in an interplanetary ideological war.  (from Tokyopop)


Let me say first, that the FLCL novels are fantastic. But freaking short. D:

The novels follow the story of the anime perfectly, but actually tend to add in info that makes the series less confusing in some parts. The first novel follows the stories of the first two episodes of the anime.

For once, it seems that the Tokyopop actually mimics the original cover almost exactly. It actually looks like they’ve changed almost nothing, which is nice if you’ve seen what they’ve done to other covers (examples: Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moon volume 1, Kino no Tabi volume 1, Scrapped Princess volume 1, Scrapped Princess volume 2).

The illustrations in the novel are much better than those of the manga version of FLCL, in other words, they actually make sense and are easy to look at (the FLCL manga is notorious for being plain confusing).

The translation seems to be pretty good, and I don’t remember having any problems with an extensive amount of typos or other production/editorial errors.

Basically, the main problem I have with this volume is that it cost me 9.99; while I really enjoyed the volume and would suggest it to anyone who enjoyed the FLCL anime (or was completely confused by it), I’m not sure I’d tell them to buy it. If you can find it in a library (which is actually incredibly unlikely) or feel like being one of “those kids” in the manga aisle at your local bookstore, I’d suggest either of those options over buying it.

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