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I might possibly love Seven Seas Entertainment again

April 14, 2009


So, while perusing my prefered online shopping site,, I discovered something that made me rather happy.

According to Amazon, Seven Seas will be publishing the third Pita-Ten and the third Ballad of a Shinigami novel this December. Now, I know that sometimes Amazon has pages for things that won’t actually be published, but I know the third Pita-Ten page wasn’t there just like a few days ago (I looked when I blogged the first two novels this last week).

When I first heard that Seven Seas’ Light Novel imprint was on hold (aka cancelled), I was extremely upset, since what they published was incredibly high quality and I was loving the first two Pita-Ten novels. I sincerely hope that they really are going to re-start the Light Novel line (especially since the third Pita-Ten novel is the last one).

Right now, I’m probably not going to be getting many of Seven Seas publications, since I don’t have much interest in any of their manga titles and right now, they’ve stopped their light novels. Should they pick the light novels up again though, I’ll most certainly start buying them as they come out and hopefully if they do restart the line, it will prove more profitable than it apparently did last time.

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  1. April 14, 2009 2:03 pm

    I would be so incredibly overjoyed if they brought their light novel line back. There are so many novels I want to read and they really delivered in the format I liked best.

    I stopped reading Ballad of a Shinigami when I found out it wasn’t likely I’d get to read it all because I didn’t want to fall for a series I’d stop being able to read.

    I really, really hope they bring it back. Light novels are a difficult thing to bring over to the states I think. It’s not like they can aim them at all of the people that love manga, because at least HALF of the kids who buy manga are too lazy to actually read. But oh how I’d love for the light novels to be successful. There’s so many I want to read…

  2. April 15, 2009 10:12 am

    I was going to read Ballad, but when I found out I wouldn’t be able to get past volume 2, I didn’t bother picking them up.

    I agree, they really are a hard thing to bring over. It’s sad, but true, that a lot of the kids who are reading manga really are too lazy to read more than that. :/ They just don’t know what they’re missing by not reading real books (and ok, they’re called light novels for a reason, they’re not like classics or anything, but it could be a way to get people into bigger things).

    I know what you mean about wanting them to be successful; I think I’m going to make up a wish-list for light novels I want published in the US. : D

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