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BEDA Day 15 – FLCL [light novel] volume 2

April 15, 2009

Today we have the second of the FLCL novels. I haven’t bought the third (final) one yet, so I’m not sure what I’ll talk about tomorrow yet. :]

flcl light novel 2FLCL [light novel] volume 2
by: Yoki Enokido
published by: Tokyopop
summary: Nothing ever seems to rouse the population of Mabase, yet everyone is stirring with gossip when the mayor’s adulterous affair is publicized. This is especially hard on the mayor’s daughter, Ninamori, class president and Naota’s friend. So hard, in fact, that she turns into a giant balloon to challenge Naota to a battle! Not that the other women in his life are helping any. Haruko is closing in on her interplanetary foes and Mamimi’s downward spiral into madness is only spinning faster… Plunge deeper into the demented dreamscape of a high school nothing turned mutant warrior in this volume of FLCL! (from Tokyopop)


This volume is actually a few pages shorter than the previous one (at only 119 pages [not counting the ads at the end]). Again, it’s frustrating that the cover price is 9.99 for only 119 pages…. :/ Apparently the third and final volume of the series has actually been priced at 10.99, which is just plain ridiculous, but more on that when I buy it and see how ridiculous it actually is.

Like the first volume, this one covers two of the episodes of the original anime (episodes 3 and 4 for this volume). Again, it is a fantastic representation of the two episodes and fills in every little blank you could find in the stories. Anything I didn’t understand in the story now makes complete sense to me.

I can’t find an image of the original Japanese version of the novel, but since volume 1 looked almost exactly the same as it’s Japanese coutnerpart, I’m guessing that this one does too.

I actually just counted and 26 of the 119 pages are not text…which means there’s really only 93 pages of text (2 of which are creator commentaruy).

As with the first volume, if you love FLCL go ahead and get this, if not, don’t bother. I’ll personally be getting the third volume, but mostly since this is a superb adaptation of FLCL and I really want to help the (almost non-existent) American light novel market.

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