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Tsubasa: Those with Wings volume 1

June 3, 2009

I was finally able to buy some new manga the other day!!! : D I got Tsubasa: Those with Wings by Natsuki Takaya (or Furuba fame), which I originally planned to get when it came out, about 2 months ago. :/ Darn my lack of money at the end of the semester…
Tsubasa: Those with Wings volume 1Tsubasa: Those with Wings volume 1
by: Natsuki Takaya
published by: Tokyopop
Story: A fantasy adventure from the creator of the world’s #1 shojo manga, Fruits Basket!…Kotobuki is an ex-thief trying to give up her criminal past in exchange for an honest life. Joined by former military commander Raimon, she has turned her illegal ways toward the exciting but simple adventures of finding a “normal” job. But people seeking the Tsubasa, a legendary object that grants its beholder any wish she or he wants, never stop causing them trouble. Everyone is trying to claim it as their own–and use Kotobuki and Raimon’s skills to do so!  (from Tokyopop)

As I’m guessing some of you can tell, the cover for this volume is very new Natsuki Takaya (more like the end of Furuba, Hoshi wa Utau than her earlier works). But what’s inside is most definitely an older work (seriously, you could cut yourself on some of the noses when you see a person’s profile and not head-on). I honestly adore the cover, I kind of wish she had redrawn the whole series, even though I know that’s completely impossible. xD

Most, though not all, of the problems I have with this volume are things Tokyopop did (as usual). There were multiple copy editing errors that just pissed me off. It’s really, really not that hard to copy edit (some of my friends and I did it for our high school newspaper staff and we generally had less errors than this volume had), so it just pisses me off that they would do something so easily fixed.

There were also a few cases where random things were left untranslated (not like sound effects, I honestly don’t care about them), but like little maps and things that weren’t really terribly important, but for some reason they just decided to not translate. :/ Along with that there were a few places where I noticed text in the wrong spot (like there was a place cleared where it was obviously supposed to be, but that’s not where it was) and also a few places where you could see the original Japanese text under the English, which is just lazyness. Seriously I have seen way better scanlations than some of this volume.

Last non-art/story-related thing, (that I’m almost positive was a printer error and not necessarily Tokyopop’s fault) there was a random page in the volume that was too small for the rest of the book. I don’t really know how to explain it (and I can’t take a picture right now), but it was really, really super weird. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered this problem with any book before…

Ok, I realize that I’ve made this book sound terrible, but I promise it really was not that bad! xD The story did get off to a slow start and I put it down a few times which doesn’t normally happen (granted it’s like 400 pages and technically two volumes in one). Once I picked it back up though, I was pretty much completely engrossed in it. :] By the end of the  volume I was so upset that it was over and I have to wait until August the get the next volume. Like I said earlier, it’s really obvious that this is an earlier work for Takaya; but it’s still nowhere the worst art I’ve ever seen.

Overall I really did like this volume and will absolutely get the next volume (and as long as Tokyopop doesn’t go under before then the last one too). Other than the art, and slow beginning to the story, the only problems I had with the whole thing were things that could be fixed by the editiorial staff (which isn’t going to happen at Tokyopop, but that’s not exactly the point). As bad as I probably made the book sound, I really would suggest this to people. At $14.99 for what is technically the first two volumes of the series in one (for some reason Tokyopop is releasing the newer bunko version of the series so there are 3 and not 6 volumes total coming out), it really is a great deal.

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