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Sakura Hime Kaden volume 2 cover

July 11, 2009

Finally found a semi-useable version of the second cover of SHK. :] It comes out on the 15th.

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  1. July 12, 2009 7:24 pm

    homg Sakura looks seriously badass in that. <3

  2. July 16, 2009 7:56 pm

    Badass Sakura=Awesome. Too bad she isn’t like this more often in the manga.

  3. August 3, 2009 4:23 pm

    KYAAAH! COOL BADASS SAKURA! Iw onder what kind of picutre they will have on the author notes this time (i think it was a Cute Crying Sakura last time…)
    Though i know they won’t do it anytime soon, since Companies seem to love being at least 3 or 2 books behind the seres so it gives off the feeling that they are being up to date when they are not XD
    An woah i’m confused……if that is the cover for book 2 then what are these covers? O.O;;;

    • August 3, 2009 11:03 pm

      Since we don’t have an announcement from Viz yet about SHK (and let’s face it, they’re the ones who are going to license it when it’s licensed) and the con season is winding down (at least the huge ones that lots of industry people are at), it’s looking like we’ll have to wait until next year to have SHK licensed in English.

      The first one is an alternate cover for volume 1 that came with an issue of Ribon a while back. :] But I’m not sure about the second one, since I couldn’t get the link to work. I can guarantee that the image in my post is the official volume 2 cover however. ;]

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