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Mixed Vegetables volume 1

July 17, 2009

Ok, first I have to apologize for my ridiculously long absence (other than a few random tiny SHK posts and that one SC! post). After I got back from China, I was completely messed up with jet lag and work, and last week I was at the beach (and the internet completely sucked there, so posting was pretty much out of the question). But I am back for the forseeable future!! I don’t have anything else planned for the rest of my summer, and I recently bought a few manga volumes that I want to post about. :] And I don’t move back in to school until September 5th. ;]

Originally, this wasn’t a series that was really high up on my list of ones to get (though it always looked kind of interesting), but after reading a review of the fourth volume in the series (it’s 8 total) over at Shojo Flash, I decided to go ahead and get the first volume when I saw it in Atlantic Books at the beach. :]MixedVegetables1
Mixed Vegetables volume 1
by: Ayumi Komura
published by: Viz Media (Shojo Beat)
summary: Hanayu knows that it will break her parents’ hearts if she defects from the bakery to become a sushi chef. But if she marries into a sushi family, they’ll have to understand her decision. Now she just has to get Hayato Hyuga interested in her, and what better way than to wow him with her cooking skills?!

ok…random thing first: Hayato looks a whole lot like an Arina boy at times. : D Seriously, since I first saw the covers for the series, I’ve thought they look a little but like early Arina work, Like her KKJ-era stuff. Not that that’s a bad thing, since the art is just enough different to obviously not  be a copy (plus, as should be obvious by now, I’m rather a big fan of Arina-sensei, lol).

I really like the dynamic of Hanayu and Hayato, like they’re perfect for each other, and not in like a normal way necessarily, but a really cute bantering kind of way, that just works fantastically for the series.

Past their dynamic, I can’t wait to see how the whole marrying into a Sushi family thing goes for Hanayu in upcoming volumes. I really like the pacing of the series so far; Hanayu is obviously starting to (at least subconsciously) like Hayato for himself and not just because his family owns a Sushi shop, but it’s not like in some series where the heroine is in love by like the 2nd page for no freaking reason. It makes things seem a lot more realistic, and I totally love it. :]

Hanayu’s random daydreams are also pretty much fantastic. xD She’s such a silly girl, but it makes her loveable. : D

This volume leaves of at a serious cliffhanger, and I’m really glad that the next 3 volumes are already available from Viz!! xD I seriously suggest this to anyone right now; granted I’ve only read the first volume, but unless something goes horribly wrong in the next few volumes, this isn’t one to miss.

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  1. July 21, 2009 3:18 pm

    It’s definitely a cute series. I think my only issue with it is that when it tries to be serious, it tries too hard. But now that it’s found it’s stride, I haven’t had that issue.

  2. July 27, 2009 12:57 am

    You know what, I really this series too ^^ It’s just too bad that I don’t have time to buy the other volumes yet.. *sigh* But I agree, that was such a cliffhanger and basing on ShojoFlash’s summaries, the story is getting better xD

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