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Sakura Hime Kaden chapter 10 part 1

August 31, 2009

omg, chapters are now in the double digits~ <3
but boo for a weirdly Christmas-y Sakura… :/

And yay! for me finally posting one of these again. Gosh I’ve been lazy this summer…. :/
But I’m sure you’re really here for the tons and tons of lovely new SHK images after the cut, so I’ll shut up now! xD

Full cover (though not very big, lol), and still don’t really like the image of Sakura. :[

Another version of the cover image (I like screencapping them all, even if they’re the same image. It’s a problem, I know. xD )

Clicking this adorable little button on the Ribon homepage leads you to a page with this lovely ad…

yay! for SHK 2010 calendar! Granted, I already knew about it, but still yay! Clicking the banners under the next two images will get you to the same place. ;]

LOVE both of these images, though I think only the first one is new.

The adorable SHK furoku? that makes me happy, mostly because it gives us color images of all the main characters so far! : D Well…except Hayate in his human form (lol, like we couldn’t figure out he was going to be a stereotypically green frog).

Random cute button found on the tankoban page that leads to some sort of Ribon extra. It brings up a pop-up that needs a password from the magazine, so I don’t know what’s behind the password yet. :[ There are a few more around the site, definitely one with Momo and another one that I don’t remember the series used.

Fantastic image taken from the lovely new site for the Shueisha manga calendars (here). Thanks to the SHKforum user Shana for finding it!! : D When you get to the page, click on this button:
when it looks like this:
to get to the above page. :]
Oh goodness I really, really, really want the calendar, even if there aren’t any new images (I can’t tell yet if there are or if they’re just old images though I certainly hope the former), but it’s so darned expensive already and then adding importing it… D:

Will totally update this post when s-manga updates with the preview images. ;]

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  1. August 31, 2009 7:13 pm

    Yay! Thanks for sharing! ^^

    I agree on the cover image…I think she would look better without the green ribbons (at least use a different color it’s not even in season yet lol). And yea, Arinacchi sure loves her roses. Loves them enough to put them on a character she named “Sakura”. xD;

    & oh god, I really want that furoku! KYUUUUUU!!!!! x333333333333333

    • August 31, 2009 8:33 pm

      Of course! ^.^

      yeah…they’re just kinda weird and random (and I know, right? Silly Arina, getting your non-Christian self into the Christmas spirit early xD ). She really does love those roses, but I didn’t even think of that. xD

      I know!! It’s soooooo adorable! I want to know what all the text says too! Hopefully Chiibi will scan it, or at the very least translate for us.

  2. warriorhope permalink
    August 31, 2009 7:53 pm


    Aww~ Cute. I want to use that in a christmas banner.

    • August 31, 2009 8:34 pm

      But of course! :]

      oh, that would be adorable! I think I’m going to use a SDC image this year. :3 It’s not really a Christmas image, but every time I see it I think “snow bunny…” xD


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