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Tsubasa: Those with Wings Volume 2

September 5, 2009

tsubasathosewithwings2Tsubasa: Those with Wings volume 2
by: Natsuki Takaya
published by: Tokyopop
Summary: Kotobuki has finally landed what seems to be her dream job–working at the oprhanage. But everything is not all sunshine and roses. Someone is trying to force the orphanage to close its doors. Torn between saving it and possibly doing something terrible, will Kotobuki do the right thing and at what cost? And if that isn’t enough, Kotobuki learns some devastating secrets. With so much at stake, will Raimon and Kotobuki stop the Army’s “Plan” before it’s too late? (from the back cover)

Ramblings: This volume is noticably shorter than the first volume, which is always sad, but I think the paper is actually nicer than that used in the first volume, which is lovely. It might just be that my copy of volume 1 has some yellowing already, but my copy of volume 2 is definitely whiter than volume 1. It’s especially nice to see that Tsubasa: Those With Wings wasn’t effected by the change in Tokyopop’s paper (which has now apparently been fixed in any case).
It still makes me ridiculously sad that the cover image is about a thousand times nicer than any of the art in the actual volume, since it’s a recent illustration and the manga’s, well…not recent at all. I love the covers, but they’re just so much nicer than the artwork inside. The art is actually getting better by the end of this volume, but it’s still only up to the begging of Furuba quality, which, let’s face it, really wasn’t that great (though I still love Furuba!).
I liked the story in the first volume, but it gets just a little bit better in this second volume. Plus, I love that the series isn’t really episodic at all. And I certainly didn’t expect there to be (spoiler alert!) a chip in Raimon’s head that would kill him. :O The one thing about the series pacing I’m not so sure I like is Kotobuki and Raimon’s relationship. It just seems to move so randomly. It’s like Kotobuki hates him and then all of a sudden is in love with him, and then is like, “omg, I can’t like you, how did this happen” and now she’s (spoiler again!) sleeping with him… It just seems rather random and willy-nilly to me.
I do like the series though (despite how it may seem, lol), and it seems Tokyopop did a better job with this volume than with the first volume, as the number of typos and editing mistakes were waaaay less than in volume 1.
I can’t wait for volume 3 to come out, so I can finally see the conclusion of the series! : D

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