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Manga I Own

April 24, 2010

Some of you are going to see this and think I’m insane, but, well, ok. xD I almost think I’m insane for having so much manga. Other than eating out with friends, basically all I buy is manga. My parents pay for my car insurance, gas, clothes, most food, and school, so I literally only have to pay for things I want and most of the time that’s manga. So without further ado, click the link and check out my ginormous list of manga, light novels/Japanese lit, artbooks, and random other manga-related books~

Japanese Manga
NANA volumes 1-5
Zettai Kakusei Tenshi: Mistress Fortune [oneshot]
Sakura Hime Kaden volumes 1 and 3
MOMO volume 1
Shinshi Doumei Cross volume 11 [limited edition]
Count: 10

English Manga
07-Ghost 1
Alice 19th 1-7 [all]
Beast Master 1-2 [all]
beautiful people [oneshot]
Beauty Pop 1-10 [all]
Black Bird 1-3
Black Butler 1
Buddha 1
Butterflies, Flowers 1
Cactus’s Secret 1
The Cain Saga 1-4b/5 [all]
Captive Hearts 1-2
Cardcaptor Sakura 1, 2, 6
CLOVER [omnibus]
Ceres: Celestial Legend 1-14 [all]
Cyborg 009 1-6
DearS 1
Dramacon 1-3 [all]
doubt!! 1-4
Dream Saga 1-3, 5
Fairy Cube 1-3 [all]
Fairy Tail 1-2
flcl 1
Fruits Basket 4, 13(x2), 15
Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition 1-5
Fullmetal Alchemist 1-4
Full Moon 1-7 [all]
Fushigi Yûgi [VIZBIG Edition] 1-4
The Gentlemen’s Alliance † 1-11 [all]
Godchild 1-8 [all]
Gundam Wing 1-3 [all]
Gundam Wing: Episode Zero [oneshot]
Gundam Wing: Blind Target [oneshot]
Gundam Wing: Ground Zero [oneshot]
Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists [oneshot]
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz [oneshot]
Happy Cafe 1
Heaven!! 1-3 [all]
Imadoki! 1-5 [all]
Instant Teen 1-4 [all]
I-O-N [oneshot]
Itazura na Kiss [omnibus] 1
Kagetora 1-2
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne 1, 3, 6, 7
Karakuri Odette 1-2
kimi ni todoke: From Me to You 1-3
Legend of Chun  Hyang [oneshot]
Magic Knight Rayearth 2
Metamo Kiss 1-3 [all]
Missile Happy! 1-2
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland [oneshot]
Mixed Vegetables 1-7
Naruto 10, 13-18, 28-45
One Piece [omnibus] 1
Otomen 1-3
Ouran High School Host Club 1-3
Paradise Kiss 1-5 [all]
Pita-Ten 1-8 [all]
Punch! 1-3 [all]
RG Veda 1-4, 6, 9, 10
Read or Die 1-4 [all]
Read or Dream 1-4[all]
Rozen Maiden 1
Sailor Moon 2-6
Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars 1-3 [all]
Shirahime-Syo [oneshot]
Shugo Chara! 1-8
Short-Tempered Melancholic [oneshot]
St. ♥ Dragon Girl 1-6
Stepping on Roses 1
Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3 [all]
The One I Love [oneshot]
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 1-16
Tsubasa: Those With Wings [omnibus] 1-3 [all]
Vampire Knight 1-8
WANTED [oneshot]
Wild Act 1-5, 8
Zodiac P.I. 1-4 [all]
Count: 270

Art of Fullmetal Alchemist 2 [English version]
Art of Full Moon [English version]
Art of Fushigi Yûgi [English version]
The Gentlemen’s Alliance † : Arina Tanemura Illustrations [English version]
Art of Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
Your Eyes Only: Chobits Artbook [English Edition]
Count: 5

Light Novels/Japanese novels
All You Need is Kill
Battle Royale
Blood+ 1
Brave Story
Dragon Sword and Wind Child
flcl 1-2
Fullmetal Alchemist 1-3
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence: After the Long Goodbye
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1-3 [all]
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kino no Tabi 1
The Lord of the Sands of Time
Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Moribito: Guardian of the Darkness
Pita-Ten 1-2
Scrapped Princess 1
Spice & Wolf 1
Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moons 1-3
Trinity Blood: Reborn on the Mars 1-3
The Twelve Kingdoms 1-4
Usurper of the Sun
Zaregoto 1
Count: 37

Fullmetal Alchemist Profiles
Shojo Beat sampler 1
Pita-Ten Official Fan Book 1-3 [all]
Count: 6

17 Comments leave one →
  1. Kiseki permalink
    April 24, 2010 5:34 pm

    HOLY o A o


    • April 24, 2010 5:39 pm

      I think I left my camera at school! D: I could do a shitty cam!pic with my phone though.

  2. warriorhope permalink
    April 24, 2010 6:02 pm

    Ah that is so cool. Now I have to go and count all the manga I own too. *competive*

    Incidently is the art of FY good? I’m thinking about buyingit one day.

    • April 25, 2010 7:47 pm

      Oh, and Art of FY is nice, but I’m not sure I’d suggest it, since a lot of the art is in the VIZBIG editions, which I know you’re getting. If you can find it used somewhere, I’d definitely suggest it though. :]

  3. Rin permalink
    April 24, 2010 11:12 pm

    HOLY SHIT! That’s a lot of manga!

  4. April 25, 2010 11:46 am

    What The…
    that alot :D i wished i had so much mangas like you
    i’ve only got
    Marmalade Boy 1-8 (all)
    Gals! 1-7
    Fruits Basket 1-9
    DN Angel 1-3
    Alice 19th 1-7 (all)
    Bleach 1-9
    Nana 1-13

  5. April 25, 2010 3:04 pm

    @warriorhope: yay~ I love to see what other people collect! :D

    @Rin: hahahaha, I know, right? xD

    @mangafanatic: heehee, It’s almost bad because I’m always broke because I keep buing manga. xD

    But your collection sounds good! I love a lot of those series~

    • April 25, 2010 4:17 pm

      ooh if i was you i’d have donethe same thing (but i’ve got no money TT^TT)
      well they’re also the only series thet are in Dutch

      • April 25, 2010 6:39 pm

        haha, I think most people would spend lots of money on manga if they could. :] Though there are always those people who would rather steal them online when they could be buying them; it’s a grey area for me when you literally don’t have the money to spend on manga and so read things online, but that’s a whole other argument.

        • April 26, 2010 2:43 pm

          well most of the manga i read online but if they sale them in Dutch or the not too expensive then i buy it ^^

          • April 26, 2010 3:12 pm

            Totally understandable. It must be hard to buy them when they’re just not available in your language. :]

  6. April 25, 2010 6:01 pm

    Super impressive! Is Cactus’s Secret the newest ShojoBeat addition? If so, is it any good?
    Looking at your collection makes me only want to buy more for myself x) I have like 50+, which is extremely pitiful in comparison to you. I need to catch up!
    I am also all up to the idea of you posting pictures! Pictures are fun :)

    • April 25, 2010 6:42 pm

      haha, thanks! xD

      And yup, Cactus’s Secret is one of the most recent SB releases. I really liked it a lot! :D I reviewed it sometime recently (as part of BEDA, so I don’t even know when, haha).

      Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s not like 50 is a tiny amount, since in terms of money it’s like USD $500, which is no chump change (when I think about the fact that I’ve spent like $2700 on manga, I balk. D: (granted I buy lots of sale/used manga and have gotten some as presents, but still…that’s a hell of a lot of money I spent on books!)

  7. April 25, 2010 10:41 pm


    This list is supposed to be LONGER! >:/

    …LOL J/k. J/k. Jesus, girl, how do you manage all that shelf space? I really got to check out those pictures now.

    But damn, that’s one impressive collection alright. Great job! And not to be cruel to your wallet but keep increasing the book counts. haha xDb

    • April 26, 2010 3:11 pm

      It would be longer if I had an unlimited supply of money. :3 You think this is long, you should see the list of books I want to buy every month. It’s out of control! xD

      And thanks~ (haha, I think my wallet will forgive us)

  8. April 26, 2010 6:09 pm

    Whoa snap! Dat a lot of manga! ^^

    Looking at your list makes me question how much I have on my shelves
    Huh…now I wanna look…
    Maybe I’ll do a post about it too like yours (if you don’t mind of course :3)

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