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Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 2

May 29, 2010

Alice in the Country of Hearts volume 2
Art by:
Soumei Hoshino
Story by: Quinrose
Published by: Tokyopop
from the publisher: The hilarious — and dangerous — tale of Alice’s adventures in the wonderful Wonderland continues! As Alice grows accustomed to life in Wonderland, she begins to understand the inner workings of this mysterious world. Everyone desires to get close to her, and Alice’s life lights up with little moments of happiness. However, along with those sweet moments, she soon discovers the truth behind all the bliss…and wasted lives. And what is Alice’s reaction when the greatest secret is revealed by Julius, the one and only clock repairer?!
my ramblings: Again, thanks to my awesome roommate for getting this for me~

I don’t think I mentioned this when I reviewed the first volume, but I love Soumei Hoshino’s style. The art looks gorgeous! There’s not an over-abundance of screentones (though it’s not like I can say anything, some of my favorite series are in Ribon, which is known for crazy amounts of screentone), all the characters are easily distinguishable from each other, and the backgrounds, while spare at times, are nicely done. It doesn’t look like Hoshino has done anything other than Alice in the Country of Hearts, but I really hope that she does after it’s completed.

I’m not sure who’s to blame for this, but often I found it hard to read the speech bubbles that are near the binding, and sometimes it was almost impossible, as the speech bubbles themselves were in the gutter. Like I said, I’m not sure if this is a paneling problem, a problem caused by the printer, or a problem caused by those who did the layout, but it was rather annoying.

I think one of my favorite lines from this volume was “Please don’t psychoanalyze me via coffee beans” courtesy of Alice. It’s just such an amusing line and shows some of her spunk. ;] After this volume I’ve decided that Boris is just adorable~ Also, Blood still freaks me out, more than before actually.

The first two volumes were on the New York Times Manga Best-Seller List for a collective 10 weeks in a row, and I expect the next volume will show up on the list as well. I’m really glad that the series is doing well for Tokyopop, and hope it continues to do so, because I’m definitely on the Alice in the Country of Hearts train now. ;]

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  1. May 29, 2010 10:34 pm

    When I read “I found it hard to read the speech bubbles that are near the binding” I immediately thought of TokyoPop and it turned out I was right. Sad because I haven’t read much from them that wasn’t Fruits Basket recently (which certainly has their A-team). I think it’s popping up in the Maid-sama! releases too though.

    It really does seem to be doing well though, I saw a high school girl squee-ing in the manga aisle over it today, while at the same time picking on Vampire Knight with her friend. So I kind of took this as a recommendation. XD

    So based on that pseudo-recommendation and your reviews, it looks like I’m adding something to my buy list. ^^ Too bad that’s insanely long. (I just organized monthly orders for the rest of the year and I still have an amazing backlog leftover. T_T)

  2. June 1, 2010 6:21 pm

    I saw this in Barnes and Noble yesterday and went “Oooo! …I still have to read kel-san’s post on it.” lol XD

    But I skimmed through it a little and you’re right. The art is really pretty and I would have browsed through it longer had they had a volume 1 (I think I saw 2 and 3 but is 3 even out yet? o.O) and if I haven’t decided on buying Gosick already.

    Anyways, I’m sold on that awesome line by Alice so I’ll have to check it out when I get back from my trip. Lots of mangakas like using the Alice-theme so much, I was beginning to feel so bored of seeing it everywhere and almost wanted to call it a cliche. But this looks like it’s more…hmm, how to describe it? Not outlandish like the others? I dunno, but I don’t like it when they twist things hapazardly around and apply the Alice-theme on top. That’s not interesting anymore. :/

    Nice to know that it’s doing well in sales though I’m going to worry about those speech bubbles now cuz I’m not on happy terms with TokyoPop at all (they’re going to take the blame for everything atm since they ruined my novel! *grumpy* >:/)

    Thanks for recommending it~! Can’t wait to read about volume 3. hehe ^^

    • June 1, 2010 6:22 pm

      Oh, and btw, I love your green theme and new banner. *A*

  3. June 2, 2010 5:06 pm

    @FuyuMaiden: hahaha, yeah, they have a tendency to put speech bubbles in bad places. :[ (agh, I still need to get the Maid Sama! releases)

    hahaha, I can see a high schooler squealing over it. xD And yay for them picking on VK at the same time (I’d be ok if they liked the first few volumes, but the most recent few, D:)

    Oh gosh, I know exactly what you mean, my too buy list keeps getting longer and longer (I have a whole bookmark folder separated by month of manga I want to buy! It’s absolutely ridiculous!)

    @Xiao: Yeah, I really, really love the art. :D Hm, it might be kind of outlandish (tons of guns and hot bishies galore), but Alice makes it all better, since most people who use the Alice-theme make her wimpy and boring.

    It’s actually been doing kind of insanely well in sales, which hopefully means maybe Clover no Kuni no Alice will be licensed (a bunch of oneshots with different bishies paired up with Alice in the end). But yeah, Tokyopop tends to ruin novels. :[ I wish they wouldn’t, but they just don’t seem to ever proof them well enough. (and the speech bubble thing I don’t understand at all, because it’s literally a matter of selecting/lassoing the text and moving it).

    and thanks~ My favorite color is green and I just adore Ayumi Komura’s art, so it worked. :3

  4. June 9, 2010 4:40 pm

    Another Boris fan has been born 8D
    Blood is still creepy
    And he will continue to be creepy =_=;
    But some fans like him so power to them…

    Alice is an awesome protagonist :3
    I really like her spunk ~

    The art in Alice in the Country of Hearts is wonderful ~
    It’s what really attracted me to the series in the first place xD

    I’m hoping future volumes will do good because that means more manga similar to Alice in the Country of Hearts may be brought over ~

    • June 18, 2010 9:56 pm

      heehee. :3 I really do love Boris. I still can’t decide if I want him to get with Alice, but in general I love him anyway. :D

      ugh, I’m not looking forward to him so much then. :[

      I would absolutely buy an Alice in the Country of Hearts artbook if one was released~ (probably even if it were in Japanese) Hey, as long as the story holds up to the art for the most part, I see no problem in being attracted to pretty things. :3

      Volume 3 is on the charts again (I think this is it’s second week and it gained if iirc). :D


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