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HaruHana: The Complete Collection

June 11, 2010

HaruHana: The Complete Collection
Yuana Kazumi
Published by: Tokyopop
from the publisher: Hana Yamada was all set for her big Tokyo debut–She’d just moved from Osaka, and finally thought she had her rather unusual “condition” under control. As long as she’s got her beloved green tea by her side, she can totally cure the hives she gets whenever she bumps into a cute boy! No problem. But the day starts off disastrous and only gets worse, culminating in Hana’s sister bartering her into indentured servitude at a local relaxation room run by two particularly good-looking young men. Can Hana keep her cool around the flamboyant Shinnosuke, and, even worse, the hot but prickly Haru? Hana may be charmed by Haru’s amazing skill at his work and his ability to heal people’s hearts, but his personality is undeniably difficult, especially towards her. How to you reach out to someone when you can never actually touch?
my ramblings: I was bad and really shouldn’t have bought this…I spent like a bajillion dollars recently, but I was in a ginormous local bookstore and the 3-in-1 “Complete Collection” was just calling my name. ^^; And I am glad it was a complete collection, because I might have found it hard to finish buying the series. It is rather adorable and I had fun reading it, but I follow many more series that I enjoy more than this one.

On the plus side, Tokyopop did this series right with the cover. The cover is absolutely gorgeous (normally I dislike the Tokyopop trade-dress aka that side bar thing, but this one is just perfect for the cover), and the back cover is even better! I wish I had my scanner hooked up so I could show how fantastic it is, but I don’t, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. ;] I have some serious respect for the cover designer here.

One of the things I did have a problem with (other than a few times where the text wasn’t centered in the speech bubbles) was that only about half of the sound effects were translated. I think that the only ones that got translated were the small ones that didn’t require retouching the art, but the larger ones that would have required retouching were generally the more important ones and they had no translations next to them nor in the back.

I’ve seen a few other people mention this, but Yuana Kazumi’s art is definitely similar to that of Honey and Clover‘s Chika Umino’s art. It’s a little bit sketchy, but it’s still nice to look at. Sometimes panels have way too many characters in them, but overall the art makes the story easy to follow. The story is basic shojo fare, but it’s entertaining enough, and at three volumes, it’s not out of control (though actually it probably could have done well with one more volume).

If you’ve got 17 bucks to spend and want a nice complete story, I do suggest this, but to be quite honest it’s probably not for everyone.

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  1. June 29, 2010 2:51 pm

    [Gah I accidentally deleted my earlier comment Dx Let’s see if I remember what I said…]

    Isn’t this from the manga-ka of “Flowers of a Deep Sleep” and “Million Tears?”
    The art looks VERY familiar :3

    Lol, the hives thing reminds me of Maria Holic where the main character gets hives from touching males xD (which sucks for her when she finds out her roommate is a cross dressing guy <- not a spoiler because it says on the back of the book ;3)

    Like that Tokyopop did a3 in 1 deal :3
    The spine hold up okay? (no creasing from the larger than normal size?)

    • June 29, 2010 4:50 pm

      Yeah, it is~ I haven’t read either, but I googled Kazumi after I finished this and found out Tokyopop had released both of those. :D

      Yeah, it is like Maria Holic! And Beauty Pop~ (I love Beauty Pop sfm). I meant to talk about the hives thing, but apparently I’m more of a spaz than I thought and didn’t. xD

      I love omnibus volumes when they’re like this (or the whole series is a bunch of omnibus/i?, I probably wouldn’t like having to switch halfway through a series)~ The spine was actually perfect, it wasn’t too stiff that you couldn’t read the things closer to the spine and it didn’t break at all. It kind of bent when you were reading the middle parts, but it didn’t actually crack it, which was awesome~


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