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St. ♥ Dragon Girl Volume 8

September 12, 2010

St. ♥ Dragon Girl volume 8 [final]
Natsumi Matsumoto
Published by: Viz Media [Shojo Beat imprint]
from the publisher: Mio has severed the red string of fate between Ryuga and Momoka that destines them to be soul mates. Momoka wants to tell Ryuga she loves him, but he has fallen victim to Mio’s magic spell. Will Momoka be able to repair her and Ryuga’s destiny?
my ramblings: I can’t believe this series is finally over. :[ I’m not entirely sure why I love it so much, but I absolutely do and would suggest it to anyone.

There are only two actual chapters of the series in the last volume, but since there are three other side stories (one of which is basically an epilogue), you get your full dose of sugary sweetness. The epilogue side story may very well have been my favorite part, as seeing a few different characters brought back in the end was awesome, and the way it ended was fantastic as well (though  I did kind of laugh at the obvious self-promotion for St. Dragon Girl ♥ Miracle).

I love that Natsumin put Momoka in a red Chinese wedding dress on the cover~ Earlier in the series, Momoka helps Ryuga vanquish (or rather, gets in his way) a snake demon that it hiding in a Chinese wedding dress, and before all the craziness goes down, she thinks to herself that it would be nice if she were to wear one someday (when marrying Ryuga, of course). It was also nice to see Shunran actually do magic! It even shocked all the other characters. ;] One other thing that I always love is a breaking of the 4th wall; at one point Ryuga says “It’s better than being someone who has had a dragon this whole time but was cut by the publishers because of space constraints.” Any series that breaks the 4th wall has my automatic love.

Some of the things Natsumin’s editor let her get away with in the bonus stories actually kind of shocked me. He starts to undress Momoka at least twice in this volume (not to mention all the times he talks about her boobs in previous volumes). I know what’s acceptable for kids in Japan is different than here in the US, but it’s still really weird for me to see Ryuga taking Momoka’s top off in a manga that’s supposedly got the demographic of like 9-13 year olds (or maybe I’m just old-fashioned, though I’d like to hope that’s not the case).

I did notice one potential missing word; on page 93, Akira  yells “Don’t hurt Ageha-sempai” while standing completely still and watching Ageha smack around some little peach tree minions and Ageha responds with “How are we supposed to fight them?”, which makes me think it was supposed to be “Don’t hurt them Ageha-sempai.” I could be reading it wrong (seriously, it’s a definite possibility), but I think it might be a missing word. (And as an aside to how much I love this series, I went back looking for the error, and ended up re-reading the entire thing!)

I really hope Viz licenses more of Natsumi Matsumoto’s work. I get my weekly dose of YumePati on Crunchyroll, but it’s really not enough; I want to read some more of her manga, especially the sequel to St. ♥ Dragon Girl, because who doesn’t want to see Momoka and Ryuga’s daughter Anju? :D I know she’s got a few other one-shot series and some shorter series, which it seems publishers are more likely to license lately (Though who blames them? It makes sense to me.), so hopefully we’ll see some of those shortly.

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  1. warriorhope permalink
    September 12, 2010 5:19 pm

    I need to finish this series. It was really cute~

    I think Viz will probably license YumiPat in the next year or two. The anime seems fairly popular on Crunchyroll, and I think they look out for that kind of things.

    • September 12, 2010 5:46 pm

      The ending is like the coup de grâce of all adorableness~ It’s almost like the FMA ending (if you happen to have read/watched that).

      It would be super smart of them. They’ve changed Natsumin’s bio in the back of SDG to include YumePati and the anime, so they’re obviously aware. Plus, Vertical has been talking about the licensing season coming up soon, so hopefully that goes for Viz too and they’ll pick it up~ :D

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