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Shugo Chara! Volume 11

July 12, 2011

Shugo Chara! volume 11
Published by: Kodansha Comics
from the publisher: As graduation approaches, Amu’s guardians, Ran, Miki, and Su disappear. Led by Diamond, Amu takes a journey on the road of stars to find her missing guardians. Will Amu find her guardians or will she find more then she could have expected?
my ramblings:
As much as I’ve whined and complained about the past two volumes of this series, volume 11 is much more well done. There were still a few minor errors, like in one place Amu says something about her pants, while she’s clearly wearing a skirt (though again, minor) and then there was one panel with text bubble that were reversed (in this case it was not entirely clear what was going on, so it wasn’t a major detraction, but still slightly annoying). One thing that did make me sad, but isn’t an error is that the title is no longer “puffy” on the front cover. I really am not sure how to explain it in words, but the earlier covers had the title slightly elevated and puffed out from the main cover.

The adaptation flowed well and other than the above errors I don’t think I noticed anything horrendously wrong with the editing. There was also an extremely useful note on “Benten Kozo,” which was extremely helpful, as I wouldn’t have understood the running gag at all (though it was still humorous). I really liked that the translation notes weren’t just some silly unnecessary note, as they seem to often be. It gives me much more hope for future volume from Kodansha.

The story itself kind of drags here, as I know it will in the following volume as well. I still enjoyed it, and it certainly had it’s moments, but this volume seems just like an almost unnecessary follow-up to the ending that we got in volume 10. It’s fun seeing how some of the character relations play out (and as Peach-Pit says in one of their notes in this volume, that’s what volume 12 will be as well), but it still feels not quite needed and the road of stars is way too gimmicky.

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  1. cookiekarin5 permalink
    July 17, 2011 3:14 pm

    Yes, I agree that this one was an improvement over the others lately. It’s just so annoying to spend $10.99 plus tax (depending where you get it..if a bookstore it’s 10.99, online tends to be cheaper) on a book that isn’t even proof-read correctly. My volumes stopped being “puffed out” at volume 7 ;_; (and didn’t start for me until I got volume 3) I did miss those. It was just so cool :D
    Hopefully we can have hopes that volume 12 may have no mistakes. But that’ll probably be nothing short from a miracle. x3 I’m looking forward to when Shugo Chara Chan! releases too.

    • July 17, 2011 11:07 pm

      I just checked my volumes and mine aren’t puffy either starting with seven…it just took me this long to notice, haha. But it was seriously awesome, I wish they had stuck with it!

      I’m hoping, because really there were so many less mistakes in this volume than the previous. I really have high hopes for Kodansha Comics (they just need editors that care more than the ones who were working for Del Rey did–I used to edit for my high school paper, I know sometime you read something too many times and miss things [stuff happens], but I also know that I cared enough that I kept reading and revising because I didn’t want it to suck, and that just wasn’t showing with Del Rey).

      • cookiekarin5 permalink
        July 22, 2011 5:40 pm

        I think that when volume 7 came out was the same time they raised their prices from $10.95 to $10.99. Maybe that had something to do with it?
        Hopefully they will…and I can understand, too. (Like when I had to revise my writings in language arts classes) Looking at volume 10, it’s the same translator in Kodansha Comics for Shugo Chara as it was with Del Rey. I think there may have been another one, but I’m pretty sure it was that same person. I can’t check since I don’t have all of my volumes with me at the moment.

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