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Real Love

August 8, 2011

Real Love
Mitsuki Oda
Published by: Aurora – LuvLuv imprint
from the publisher: Can happiness be found in the delicate balance between passion and love? Twins Shun and Shu have had no luck in love. However, a chance encounter reunites former lovers Shu and Naomichi after their breakup of three years ago. While the two had a budding relationship in the past, things fell apart and they went their separate ways. Now, fate brings them back together once again. Could it be that a relationship like the one they shared in the past is what they have been looking for all along? Can they both find the meaning of real love?
my ramblings: I have incredibly mixed feelings about this volume. At times it really just felt like porn for women (that explicit content label isn’t just for show kiddies!), but at other times I kind of enjoyed it… The two extras in the volume, Baby and Love Star, are far and above the main “series” Real Love, which just fell flat for me. The two extras were tied and I really wish it had been the main focus of the volume. For one, there was less sex, which was not really what I wanted (though not totally unexpected from other reviews), and the characters were actually likeable and much more realistic.

If I didn’t know better, I would swear that the art was Ai Yazawa’s. It’s a dead ringer for her art, which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

LuvLuv seems to have done an alright job with the adaptation, it flowed well for the most part. The image editing wasn’t great however, as often there was still Japanese left in text bubbles (though with translations), and I don’t mean just sfx, I mean actual speech left and then translations smushed in as an afterthought. I vaguely remember hearing about Aurora/LuvLuv when they were still in business, but really, they suffered from a lack of publicity and, based solely on this title, some not-so-great licenses, so it’s not surprise that they’re gone.

I would tentatively suggest this to those old enough to deal with the material, but only for the second two stories, certainly not for the first three chapters (hence the tentatively). For anyone curious, it looks like it’s still in print from most online retailers (including Amazon and Barnes and Noble); considering how long it’s been out of print, that’s probably saying something.

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  1. August 10, 2011 11:04 pm

    xD I remember seeing this manga on rightstuf back when all that Aurora stuff went on sale. I was thinking of getting it but then I thought this was going to be twincest for some reason and instead got Pretty Poison.
    OMG PP was so smutty! I can’t imagine how this one was! xD

    By your review, I’m taking it that Real Love won’t be topping Butterflies, Flowers in the awesome yet smutty manga category haha? x3

    • August 10, 2011 11:36 pm

      For most of the book I thought it was going to be twincest. Like, I was afraid until the last couple of pages that it was twincest. D:

      Nay! Butterflies, Flowers all the way~ (though if the side story was a series, it might get kind of close.)


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