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ARISA volume 7

April 5, 2012

ARISA volume 7
Natsumi Ando
Published by: Kodansha Comics
from the publisher: K = The King?! While pretending to be Arisa, Tsubasa has promised to meet with the person known only as “K” — someone who may or may not hold the secret to the King’s identity. Will Tsubasa wander into a trap or will she come one step closer to unmasking the King?
my ramblings: Yo! I’m back again, after only a 2 month hiatus this time.  :] I’m almost done with this semester and only have a few more things left to do before I graduate (yay! Spring Term when I only have 1 class for 4 weeks and it’s an art history class with the best professor ever~)! I should probably be freaking out more about my lack of a real job (still only have a part time job at the theatre), but whatever. Right now, I just can’t wait to be done with school for the foreseeable future!!

Anyway, on to the manga!

Even though I haven’t actually read volumes 5-6 of ARISA (though I do finally have both of them now, they’re just in 2 different places), when I got volume 7 in the mail on Tuesday, I managed to read it all the way through. For me, this really says something about how intriguing this story is, because I don’t do that. I have literally never just picked up a random volume in a series and and read it without having read all the previous volumes. Sure, I’ve bought random volumes when they’re cheap and then filled in the gaps and read through, but this is a definite first for me.

I suppose this does say something about how fairly simplistic the story is, seeing as I could easily understand without having read the previous 2 volumes, but I’m not holding that against it, since it does draw me in so thoroughly.

I don’t particularly remember any glaring typos or editorial errors, but I could be wrong, since I read it a few days ago. If I find any when I reread, I will edit this post and mention them.

The art is fairly typical shojo, but thoroughly enjoyable. I especially like the way Ando handles the scenes with Kudo-kun, who she manages to make extremely creepy. Just flipping through, I did notice a rather large lack of background scenes…there are a fair amount of times when screentones are used as backgrounds, but actual settings are often left out. I didn’t really notice that when I was reading though, so I suppose I can’t hold it against Ando.

Another random thing that I noticed was that the author note (that I think is usually from an inside flap of the tankoban) is gone here. I pulled out my copy of volume 5 (since I don’t have 6 here at school), and it is definitely there. It might seem petty, but I like reading the random things the author’s say, so I was pretty bummed that it was left out here (unless of course it didn’t exist in the Japanese edition, which is possible…I don’t have a way of comparing the two).

Relatedly, Ando says in her note from volume 5 “I really like the white school uniform on the cover. The others were all black, so this was refreshing! I was happy that it continued on the back cover so you can see the whole thing!” Of course, in the English release, it does not continue onto the back cover… I was so happy when I realized that Viz was continuing the images with their release of Sakura Hime, so it especially annoys me here, because it can obviously be done, Kodansha just chose not to for some reason.

I absolutely suggest this series! It’s completely intriguing and at the same time has it’s adorable points~

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  1. April 10, 2012 3:21 pm

    I can’t wait to read Arisa volume 7, it’s such an addictive series!

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